Grayling’s Ladies Night Out

Last week when we still had snow on the ground Lynne Ruden, Development Manager for the Kirtland Foundation put out the invite to women in Kirtland’s Community to join her on Saturday April 27th for Grayling’s Ladies Night Out, including local hearty fare before partaking in some “shopping therapy.”

The women met at the Mainstream Steak and Ribs Restaurant for some local hearty fare, many meeting new friendly faces for the first time.

One of the new friendly faces was Valda L. Byrd MD, Pediatrics Grayling Mercy Hospital who kept everyone in stitches with her hilarious sense of humor depicting her upcoming plans for a trip to Chicago with her daughter.

Sheryl Coyne CEO/President of Blarneystone Broadcasting (new owners of Gannon Broadcasting) talked about the eventful Easter she had…and that they still had snow mounds in Gaylord.

Anita Merchant, VP and Branch President of Chemical Bank in Grayling posed the question “…so what did you ladies do this most beautiful 1st day of what feels like summer?”  Going around the table we heard various “to do list” answers with Alice Snyder – Director Crawford County Commission on Aging having the most fun day, fishing with her children and husband.

Anita finished with how she’d spent her day by saying “I wished someone would have told me how far ranging a pop can can explode once it freezes.”

As we sauntered through downtown Grayling celebrating Women’s day (Riverland, J Dap, the Brickery, North Country Corners, Parrot’s Perch, AuSable Artisan Village and Flowers by Josie’s) I’m sure all of us will chuckle everytime we visualize Val putting on her sexy open toed shoes at North Country Corners.  You just HAD to be there.  So the next time you run into Val, ask her how she did it.

Until Lynne puts out the next “connecting Kirtland’s Ladies night out invite” here’s wishing you all some “me time.”

And like Alice Snyder reminded Lynne at the beginning of the evening….”we are not on a time schedule….let’s enjoy ourselves”….thus, giving Lynne the time to take a deep breath… and enjoy the moment.

Grayling's Ladies Night Out

Left to right, back to front are: Valda L Byrd MD Pediatrics Grayling Mercy Hospital, Lynne Ruden, Kirtland Foundation – Development Mgr, Jennifer Sieszputowski – Full Time Anatomy/Physiology Instructor for Kirtland, Kim Ruddy – Student Financial Services Manager, Anita Merchant – VP Branch Manager Chemical Bank Grayling, Front Row – Sheryl Coyne-CEO/President- Blarneystone Broadcasting, Alice Snyder – Crawford County Commission on Aging Director.