Jail Employee Campaign 2013: Success!

The Foundation kicked off their 2013 Employee Campaign on November 20th.  A jail cell (kindly donated from the Houghton Lake Chamber) was set up in the Student Center that held President Dr. Quinn, CFO Jason Broge, Dean of Instruction Julie Lavender, Instructor Chuck Hinman and Resource Development Manager Lynne Ruden.  Each prisoner was able to reach their $500 goal and then some by soliciting donations from employees and the community!
Our college "jailbirds" collecting donations to get themselves out of jail!

Our college “jailbirds” collecting donations to support student scholarships (and get themselves out of jail!)

The total giving from Kirtland employees:  $4,750 (and an additional $962 from the community!)
A huge thank you to the employees/board members that took time out of their day to participate by making a donation that will assist our amazing students through scholarships!
Kevin Baughn, Marcell Romancky, Jerry Boerema, Heidi Sura, Janet Gates, Michelle Devine, Vicki Borchers, Mark Allen, Dale Shantz, Jo Ann Gave, Nancy Pavelek, Michelle Vyskocil, Jake Houlotte, Stefan Holodnick, Deb Shumaker, Terry Geary, Dawn Reynolds, Evelyn Schenk, Caryn Schutte, Jen Sieszputowski, Nick Baker, Audrey Larkin, Terri Robson, Kim Ruddy, Jennifer Gailitis, Sarah Madonna, John Thiel, Marj Esch, Diane Moerland, Dan Beltz, Jason Broge, Mary Kehoe, Chuck Hinman, Katie Tisdale, Matt Biermann, Greg Sieszputowski, Diane Schneider, Phil Collins, Melanie Klein, Bonnie Wells, Anne Essmaker, Bernadine Besebes, Kathryn Wallace, Pauline Cournyer, Rug Dozzi, MaryAnn Ferrigan, Patrick Ryan, Rich Vlasic, Dave Dougherty, Kristi McGregor, Sheryl Coyne, Eric Hart, Ed Harris, Roy Spangler, Ruth Ferguson, Sandy Woods, Bill Curnalia.