March’s GIVING Champion

Nancy PavelekCongratulations to Nancy Pavelek, she is last months GIVING Champion! You can find Nancy instructing her nursing students; this is what she had to say about her giving spirit…

“Why do I give you ask? This question is not easily answered at first thought. ‘Because’ as an answer is not very descriptive. While teaching a current class lesson in “reflective practice and mindfulness” I pondered this question, why do I give? Because:

…It’s the right thing to do.
…I care for others, even those I don’t know.
…I’ve been blessed with personal success.
…I can.
…Morally and ethically it is right.
…I work hard and it is an extension of my work.
…I need to and want to…there is a sense of personal fulfillment when I give.
…I’m lucky and grateful to be able to provide for my family and I know so many others whom are not so fortunate.
…My mom always said to “do unto others…to share…to do something not because you have to but because you want to.”
…and the top 10 reason as to why I give is because each of us need to feel that we are important to this world, even if we only have a nickel to our name.”