Women’s Day Fundraising Event at Kirtland

On Saturday, February 9th, Kirtland Community College hosted their 1st Annual Women’s Day event. The event served multiple purposes; it gave women an afternoon to enjoy themselves while numerous vendors offered specials and the Foundation raised money for general education scholarships. As the Foundation’s Lynne Ruden put it, “This event is not only to help raise awareness of Kirtland and its student’s need for general scholarships but also to help provide a forum by which our smaller “mom & pop” non-franchised merchants (many with home-based businesses) can network with other merchants within Kirtland’s coverage area.” With a long list of vendors that included The Tanger Outlets, The Silver Lining Boutique, Darcy Lewis, The … [Read more...]

Kirtland Employees step up to help fund for General Scholarships

There is a special meaning for the Foundation’s winter round of scholarships… In order to understand why the winter 2012-13 round of scholarships was special you’d have to go back a few months to December 2012.   The Foundation had been long seeing a high number of scholarship applicants that were not in a program of study that fit into any currently offered scholarships.  Upon seeing this need, the Foundation decided to seek help from the college employees.  On December 5, 2012 a one day employee campaign was created to raise money for student “General Scholarships.”  The number of employees that stepped forward and participated was incredible and we were able to raise $2,500 in one day! The one day fundraiser came just in time for … [Read more...]