21 Students Awarded for Fall Scholarships

Joanne SmithThe beginning of a new school year means the scholarship committee comes out of hibernation to award the fall scholarship winners.  This round of scholarships, 21 students received an award from the Foundation for a total of $16,850;  15 of the scholarships received were a General Scholarship.  Congratulations to the following scholarship winners… we are proud of you!

Scott Woutersz, Will Schultz, Jessica Fultz, Dennis Erickson, George Major, Joanne Smith, Sara Bassett, Blake Beehler, Ann Zettel, Cody Johnston, Annette Whitcomb, Mindy Barber-Thompson, Becky Deline, Brian Kinyon, Theresa Andrews, Karen Bertetto, Amber Kotalik, Shawna Reeves, Kayla Carroll, Sarah Shear and Victoria Pearson.